Top 5 Ultra Thin Cases to protect your iPhone X

Protecting your iPhone X can be a challenge when you want to keep the look and feel of the true beauty that it is.

Not everyone wants a highly protective case even though it helps knowing that it will protect your £1000 iPhone. So I’ve selected the best cases out there that smash this challenge! All of them support wireless charging so there’s no need to keep removing your case. However don’t expect extensive protection for your iPhone X although all these case will protect it from the daily bump and scratches so you can maintain a lightweight minimal feel.

#1 Torras 3 in 1 Hybrid Case. Available at Amazon for £13.99
A 3 piece case design that has a electroplated top and bottom frame inserts for stylish look. Available in a range of matte finish colours to suit your style and taste.

#2 Rocco London – The Worlds Thinnest Case for iPhone X. Available at iGoHiTech for £7.95
The thinnest case I could find boasting an incredibly thin size of 0.34 mm which is almost as thin as paper at 0.1 mm. It’s a perfect skin tight fit with a slightly textured finish that prevents it from slipping out of your hand. This case also comes with a lifetime warranty which is handy if you have any issues or feedback.

#3 TOZO Ultra Thin Case – Semi Transparent Matt Blue. Available at Amazon for £7.99
At 0.35 mm thin it’s a close competitor for the second case in this list. It’s simple and minimalistic design take on the challenge well at maintaining an ultra thin style with a lightweight feel.

#4 Peels Super Thin Case. Available directly from Peel for £18.41
It’s at the top end of the price range however they are the only ones that offer a black glossy version when it comes to ultra thin cases, which resembles the Jet Black of iPhone.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and found something you like.