The 5 best lightning cables to buy for iPhone and iPad in 2018!

If you’re fed up with replacing your worn out lightning cable, again and again, the term “Buy cheap. Buy twice” couldn’t be more relevant if it tried.
Anyone who owns an Apple device, like myself, will not always want to buy another genuine Apple lightning cable. Especially if it is only going to keep burning a hole in your pocket each time it splits or frays from constant use.
So I have chosen my 5 best lightning cables out there.


#1 The Rocco London – Armour Collection – lightning cable (1m).

It has strain relief collars either end that massively reduce the risk of fraying and/or splitting caused from repetitive use.
It’s tangle free which is useful when you roll it up for storage.
Comes with lifetime warranty to guarantee 100% satisfaction.
This item is presented in really nice satin black box.
Overall this is a very reliable and robust lightning cable that has an incredible look and feel with its all metal design.
Available at iGoHitech for £11.95

#2 Native Union Night Cable (3m)

Features an adjustable weighted knot to anchor your cable in place after you unplug it to stop it falling off the side.
A lengthy 3 meters of nylon braided cable that will stop you from hovering by the plug point.
It is also tangle free (which is a bare minimum feature)
Offered in a range of colours to suit your taste.
Overall very reliable, however quite pricey.
Available directly from Apple or Native Union for £36.99


#3 Belkin flat USB to lightning cable (1.2m)

Your standard USB lightning cable from well known Belkin but its FLAT!
I like this cable because it’s available in many different bright colours and is very compact and portable.
The flat design makes it very flexible and compact.
Overall nice, affordable and well made.
Available directly from PC World for £14.99


#4 Anker Nylon Braided USB to lightning cable (0.9m)

A cable that needs no introduction. They’re America’s leading USB charging brand.
It’s nylon design is durable and obviously tangle free making it a great long lasting replacement cable.
Reasonably priced and offers 18 month warranty.
Available from Amazon for £7.99


#5 Urbanears – The Thunderous Charging Cable (1.2m)

A robust and stylish Scandinavian designed cable. That is as durable as it is colourful.
It’s the one cable that has the genius design of an L-Shaped connector that drastically minimises excessive bending at the lightning end.
Also has a handy cable loop for wrapping up your cable for neat storage.
Available on Amazon for 9.95